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Shared IP

What is a shared IP in email marketing?

In the world of email marketing, a shared IP refers to an IP address used by multiple senders to send their emails.

This practice is common among small and medium-sized companies that opt for email marketing services.

Thus, several companies use the same network infrastructure to distribute their campaigns by email.

Relevant historical data

The evolution of email marketing started in the 1990s, when email became a popular communication tool.

Initially, companies used dedicated IPs to send their email campaigns, but this is quite expensive and complex to manage.

With this new technology and the proliferation of email service providers, shared IPs became a viable and much cheaper option.

This option became more relevant with the increase in small businesses and startups seeking cost efficiency, as well as ease of use and management.

Key considerations

When using a shared IP, it is crucial to consider the the sender reputation.

As several users send emails using the same IP, each campaign can affect other people’s reputation.

For example, if a user sends spam, they may hinder campaigns of other users who share the same IP.

This is why email marketing systems, such as Mailrelay, apply algorithms to detect abuse and maintain a good reputation for all senders.

Thus making the use of shared IPs an effective way to send a newsletter.

Why it is important, advantages

Shared IPs are especially useful for small companies that are still growing.

Among the main advantages, we can highlight:

  • Cost Effectiveness: When sharing resources, costs are significantly reduced compared to a dedicated IP.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The management and maintenance of IP reputation are the responsibility of the service provider.
  • Scalability: Shared IPs allow companies to increase the number of email marketing campaigns sent without the need to invest in additional infrastructure.

A relevant term here is “newsletter”.

Creating an effective newsletter can be vital to the success of any email marketing strategy.

A well-managed IP ensures that these emails reach recipients without any problems, promoting more regular and effective contact with subscribers.


In conclusion, shared IPs are a necessary tool in the arsenal of an email marketing strategy.

Especially for companies seeking cost efficiency without compromising the quality of their email campaigns.

As long as the reputation is monitored and the recommended practices are followed, shared IPs may be an excellent solution.

It is ideal for achieving and maintaining more direct and effective contact with customers and subscribers through newsletters and other email marketing strategies.

The key is to choose a reliable service provider and always be aware of your campaign performance metrics.