You are not receiving emails on your own corporate domain

Noé Soriano

This is a very common problem that many users report to our support team. The reason for this to occur is that many e-mail servers and antispam systems allow you to configure a rule stating that any email that is sent using the corporate domain is rejected if the sender’s IP is not from the email servers of the organization. Namely, it is something similar to the SPF record, but with this configuration, emails are blocked by the filters, they don’t go to the spam folder.

This is done because a lot of spammers add in the headers an email address from the domain, or even your own email address to try to trick you to open the message, because if you recognize your own domain you could feel more confident. The problem is that the tests and newsletters sent using Mailrelay, free email marketing to your own corporate domain will not be delivered if this rule is enabled on the email server of the organization.

The solution is simple, but you will need to contact your IT department or network administrator. You will need to ask them to include these IP ranges in the whitelist and if possible with a rule that allows emails that are delivered with your email and any of the IPs will not be blocked.

Another solution would be to disable the rule, but you will run the risk of spam messages that were previously blocked will be accepted. However, for any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department.

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