7 Actions you should not ignore in your digital communication strategy


All companies that are present on the Internet, either through a store or through communities on social media need to work with a digital communication strategy to reach their goals.

There are so many strategies and actions that we can implement through the different channels that the Internet offers, that determining the way we communicate with our target audience  could become a complex task.

Without a clear strategy, we can’t plan what to do. If we don’t have guidelines for organizing our work, it would be very difficult to communicate properly with our customers through all the different channels we are using (we would end up losing focus.

So in this article, I would like to invite you to read about:

  1. What are the criteria we should follow to customize our corporate communication?
  2. What are the actions that we should not ignore when planning our communication strategy?

Why should you worry about digital communication?

The first thing I want to make clear is that it is useless to copy what other companies are doing, even if you are selling the same products or offering the same services. What works for them will not necessarily work for you, or it will not work as well as it is working for them.

Every business is different, even within the same industry. Therefore, I always like to make personal recommendations for each of my customers:

For example, I’ve worked with similar business models (that are selling the same product), but with a different marketing plan. For one of them, the product is the star, while the other customer tries to offer a unique user experience.

If you are just doing the same things other companies already did, you will never stand out; you will be just another copy like that famous company.

So the best option is to always follow a unique communication style. Also, keep in mind:

  1. If you create a unique style, your message will be different and tailored to your customers.
  2. Customizing digital communication actions will have a positive effect on productivity because it will be easier to delegate and define the tasks and roles of each person in your team.
  3. All this, coupled with a more realistic goal setting, means that you will be able to measure results and apply possible improvements with more accuracy.

Now that we’re clear on why we need to customize our strategy, we will start talking about the factors you should consider.

What communication strategy should you follow?

►  What communication strategy should you follow?

When analyzing possible digital communication strategies, it is important to consider certain criteria that will help you make an informed decision.

Here the key is to make a self-criticism of your business and the possibilities of the moment, to understand what actions could be relevant in the long run.

Communication channels

Understanding the difference between the various communication channels is crucial, as you will not be able to publish the same content in all of them. Also, you need to remember that depending on the option you choose; the audience will be different, so your strategy should also be different.

For example, sharing professional tweets with your community on Twitter is not the same thing as posting a video with educational content for dummies on Facebook Live or Instagram.

Available time

It will be crucial to know how much time you can devote to implement your digital communication strategy, because while some strategies are very effective (like video marketing), they require a lot of preparation and planning time.

Human resources

Related to the previous point, before you start spending money on your strategy, you should make sure that you will have competent professionals to work on your strategy. It’s no use creating a blog or  plan to offer online seminars if you don’t have the time or professionals who can work with this type of content.

Target audience

We can’t deny that different generations will prefer different channels of communication, for several reasons that we will not discuss in this post.

For example, while Facebook is the favorite platform between older users, Snapchat and Instagram, are used predominantly by a younger audience.


Another criterion that should be taken into account is the type of message that you want to send to your customers. Define your goal, where you will share your message, and to whom it will be directed as it will help you to define a consistent digital communication style.

Customer Relations

The way you interact with customers and leads will also influence the type of communication strategy you will follow. For example, some companies prefer to offer more personal contact while other brands  will use a more formal and impersonal tone to create an image of professionalism and seriousness.

7 actions for creating a digital communication strategy

· 7 actions for creating a digital communication strategy

As I commented earlier, my advice is always to customize the different digital communication strategies that my clients will use because it is the only way to optimize performance.

However, I would like to talk about some guidelines, outlining actions that can help you optimize your digital communications strategy.

1) Keep the web design updated

Many companies have a page with good content and believe that that is enough, but in fact, we need to update our website constantly, changing content and improving navigation.

  • On the one hand, it is necessary to adapt the website to the requirements of search engines, since Google’s algorithm, changes with certain frequency.
  • On the other hand, updating the site design to improve the user experience is very important to respond to their needs and facilitate navigation.

2) Encourage conversation and debate

This space can be used for sharing ideas, recommendation and customer support. Your users also can talk to each other, help other members and build networking.

Creating a digital community will be critical for users to talk to each other, and for you to talk to them.

To share experiences and offer help to your audience, I recommend you bet on any of these channels:

  1. Private groups on Facebook for loyal customers.
  2. Professional groups on LinkedIn.
  3. Private forums.
  4. Searches through social media.
  5. Capturing testimonials by email marketing.
  6. Comments on products or services on the site.

3) Generate video content

With the creation of streaming tools and social media like Instagram and Facebook, video content is becoming the most efficient option for promoting business and communicating with customers.

In fact, thanks to IGTV (or Instagram television) the possibilities are increasing a lot for brands. However, there are certain inconveniences:

  • To work with this format, you need to master oral communication techniques and facial expression in front of a camera.
  • Video marketing requires the same planning as other strategies, but it also requires specific knowledge in recording and editing videos.

4) Segment the databases

Segmentation is a major factor in any communication strategy. This allows you to group users according to several internal filters you can create. With this information, you can create targeted messages for each profile.

You sure know what I mean, right? For example, you could segment your customer database according to:

  1. Socio-demographic data.
  2. User relationship with the company (customer, lead, etc.)
  3. User path through the sales funnel.
  4. Segmentation of users by purchased products or services.
  5. Etc.

Platforms like Mailrelay, Google AdWords and even social media can help us manage these tasks more easily

5) Apply copywriting techniques on sales pages with optimized text

You probably believe that creating a landing page with a compelling layout and a flashy button will be enough to generate sales, but unfortunately things are not so simple.

To monetize your business on the Internet, it is important that you create compelling sales texts to build trust.

You can apply copywriting techniques to your landing pages in your newsletters and in all the texts you write for your business. Optimizing your texts will be instrumental in convincing your customers to trust your message.

One of my tricks is to ask my customers to think of reasons why users should buy their products and why it is indispensable. Depending on the purpose of the campaign, the message will have to be adapted, but we can always find a way to transmit these feelings:

Invest in SEO and Digital Advertising

6) Invest in SEO and Digital Advertising

SEO and advertising

Are actions that require more investment because you need to spend some money to get satisfactory results. You can work with SEO without spending money, but you will need a lot of free time. However,  these actions are vital, (either for starting a new project or for advertising existing products or services).

You should think about investing in SEO campaigns and paid ads on Google or on social media, as this is an excellent option for:

  1. Generate quality traffic.
  2. Capture Leads and Potential customers.
  3. Improve ranking in major search engines.

To follow a digital communication strategy consistent with any of the actions discussed above, take note of these recommendations:

  • The combination of SEO and copywriting adapted to your digital marketing strategy and your philosophy (SEO-copywriting) can help you create an unforgettable and unique message.
  • You can work with link building to transfer authority between different domains through guest posts, comment on other sites and collaboration with other webmasters.
  • You can transfer authority between URLs from the same domain through links included on related content, using link juice.

To apply any of these actions and strengthen your communication strategy on the Internet, I recommend contacting professionals specialized in publishing press release and social media, as well as working with experts on content optimization.

7) Collaborate and encourage networking

The last of the actions I’m going to recommend is how to organize a communication plan based on generating confidence and creating a network of professional contacts.

On many occasions, for fear of competition and to try to avoid being copied, we hesitate to share our knowledge.

Remember that helping and sharing is key to creating friends and generating confidence. Without helping each other, we will not be able to make progress.

Collaborate, tell the story of your business and share your knowledge with users. This action will generate confidence, and it is a very smart practice that, in the long term, will bring positive results, but above all, it will offer you the opportunity to collaborate and learn from other professionals.

Networking is a way to take advantage of opportunities and take your business to the next level.


If you put into practice some of the seven actions that we saw in this article; you can create a consistent digital communication strategy for all channels where your brand is present.

We saw aspects such as the type of audience or the goal that you want to reach. These criteria will be crucial in determining the guidelines that you will follow, so there is no universal standard for all business models.

What other types of actions do you consider fundamental for any digital communication strategy?

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