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After the release of the new Mailrelay version, our team started dedicating more time to adding new features to our email marketing software.

If you have created a site, the first thing you should do is to add a subscription form to increase your email list.

To help you with this task, we’ve published some tutorials with information about working with Mailrelay’s opt-in forms with different plugins and CMS.

Today we bring another option, as well as good news:

· WP Subscribe Pro has been updated to support the new Mailrelay version.

WP Subscribe Pro was already integrated with the previous version of our email marketing software, that’s why when we release the new version of our system, we contacted them to let them know that we had a new email marketing service.

And in a few days, they released a new version of their plugin that supports our new software through our API.

With this WordPress plugin, it is very easy to create an opt-in form:

WP Subscribe Pro

As well as other types of forms, in the footer of the post, in the sidebar.

WP Subscribe Pro

The truth is that you have many options for creating opt-in forms on WordPress with this plugin.

► How to integrate WP Subscribe Pro with Mailrelay?

This part is very easy; let’s see what you should do step by step:

The first step (1) will be to select the WP Subscribe Pro plugin on your WordPress dashboard. After that, for example, if you want to configure a form in the posts, click on Single posts (2).

Once this is done, select Mailrelay (3) as your email marketing service.

Next, you will have to enter some information about your account: (4) Your API key, which you can get in the Settings menu, on API keys and your host.

(5) The host is your Ipzmarketing address, for example:

Lastly, you will have to get and select the subscriber group that you want to use to create the mailing list. IMPORTANT: You can only use groups that are already active in your account. To select the available groups, click on “get list.”

(6) and the plugin will display the available groups so that you can choose the one that you want to use for this form.

This is all you need to do.

You can also configure WP Subscribe Pro as a widget

► Settings for widget

The configuration of the widget is similar to that of the plugin, as you can see in the following image:

WP Subscribe Pro widget

You will only have to select Mailrelay as your email marketing software, enter your API key, your host and select the group you want to use.

· A fantastic option for growing your mailing list

WP Subscribe Pro is another plugin that you can use with our email marketing service.

Have you used this plugin? How was your experience?

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