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We launched the new version of Mailrelay very recently, just a few months ago, but we are still working to introduce further improvements to the system.

Undoubtedly, one of the main improvements of the new email marketing software is the newsletter editor.

Mailrelay v3 brought a new drag & drop news editor with advanced options, but which is much more comfortable to use and also generates responsive emails compatible with most devices and email clients.

Now, we present some improvements that we’ll detail in this post.

Don’t worry, these are not radical changes, but these aspects will facilitate your job.

Let’s see them!

·  Changes to the layout for editing elements

Look at this image:

As you can see, the elements have been distributed to the sides, but the actions remain the same. We still have the options to:

  1. Move the element
  2. Edit them
  3. Duplicate them
  4. Delete

This basically allows you to continue working with the blocks as before, but we believe that this layout has a more efficient structure.

· Inline text editing

This is one of the main features of this editor update, as it allows you to write directly in the text block:

With this update, it will be easier to edit the block, since you can see the changes in the newsletter.

As I said at the beginning, it is not a drastic change, but it will certainly make your job more comfortable when creating and editing emails.

· Background images in the sections

Until now, it was possible to add a background color in the sections, but among the improvements, we have included an option to also add a background image.

Let’s see how to do that:

After clicking on the Design tab, we will see all the sections available in our newsletter:

In this example, we will add a background image to the email header.

Among all the available settings and options, you can see the “Use an image” option. Click on it to open the image library:

selección de la cabecera

When choosing the image, all the following options will be displayed:

Imágenes de fondo en las secciones

  1. Apply section style to the entire width. This allows the image to be stretched to fill the newsletter or center it, filling the block width.
  2. Remove image: if we want to remove the background image
  3. Size: It allows you to choose the size of the background image so that it occupies the entire width or is displayed with the actual size of the picture.
  4. Repeat: if the image is small, it can be replicated to create a constant background
  5. Fallback color: is the default color that is displayed if the image can’t be displayed

IMPORTANT: remember that some email clients don’t support the use of background images; therefore, it is best to always set a default background color.

· Example of setting up a newsletter with background color and white center

I would like to show you an example of a newsletter with a solid background color.

In this section, we can choose the background color:

We have already chosen the background color of the email and now what we will do is edit the rest of the sections:

  1. Header
  2. Content
  3. Footer

Without the “Apply section style to full width” option checked:

After doing this in all sections, we will have a newsletter like this one:

newsletter color de fondo y centro blanco

It is just an example of what can be done with the newsletter editor.

·  Improved compatibility with more email clients

In addition to these interesting improvements, we also decided to take advantage of the editor update to improve compatibility with more email clients and ensure that generated responsive emails are displayed  correctly on most devices.

In this way, Mailrelay v3 remains an email marketing software with a very simple newsletter editor and compatible with even more email clients.

We hope it will be very useful for your email marketing campaigns!

Translated by Micheli.

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