Avoid Using These Words to Ensure Successful Business Emailing

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Avoid Using These Words to Ensure Successful Business Emailing

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Easy tips to make up a good email

In every language, there are words and word constructions with their particular connotational meaning. Your speech may sound either more positively or negatively, depending on the choice of words of the message. Some utterances are neutral. They have no definite coloring and thus, don’t influence the reader. If you deal with communication and send emails to hundreds of people, you need to know the rules of correct writing.

To be true, the number of negative words is larger than the list of positive word constructions. It is important to remember when choosing words used in marketing. But is it so indispensable to choose the right words and avoid the overuse of negative senses? Let’s answer the question together.

Email writing: how the choice of words influences the reader

Emails are a common way of communication between private individuals or organizations. It is a letter, an announcement, ad, or any other official writing aimed to render the information. It often happens that people settle serious issues via messages. Therefore, it is important to compose emails using the correct words.

Now you may say that few people are aware of words and their implicit connotations. But people feel it during the conversation, despite their knowledge or skills in learning languages. For this reason, companies hire professionals to manage communication via emails.

But badly written texts with negative words continue to appear among the users. Why does it happen? There are several reasons for such a phenomenon.

  • Marketing experts lack the appropriate level of skills. They are good experts in the field of advertisements, but the language is not their domain. Therefore, they make mistakes that negatively affect the message. Marketing experts are not good writers. It is not a rule of thumb but rather a clear tendency. These people are good sales managers or promoters, but writing is not their area of expertise.
  • Deadlines are another reason that the emails don’t have the desired effect on the readers. Short timing makes people think faster and produce the content for the sake of content. They do not check if the words are well written. They also pay little attention to the choice of words and choose a bad one while there is another word for deals.
  • People are working in a different field. It often happens that the company doesn’t have enough budget to cover the expenses of every worker. Thus, the staff is cut to fit only the most important workers. And when it comes to writing an email or creating a message for the announcement, wrong people come to the fore.

These are some of the reasons why inapplicable messages and emails appear on the web. If you are somehow related to the marketing industry, you may know what we are talking about. The success of the process or campaign often depends on the person creating an email. But if the person doesn’t know how to optimize online communication and help the company benefit from the emails, it is the worst for your campaign.

Tips to increase the success of your email online

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How can you benefit from using the fastest VPN country? The answer is simple. With worldwide servers, VPN helps you send the email to any part of the world and make your voice heard. Having access to most places in the world, you can share ideas and find people for achieving common goals. For this reason, it is crucial to use the fastest servers when communicating through messages online.

25 words to avoid in your email

We have discussed the technical aspects of successful email writing. And now it is time to tell in more detail what is better to avoid in the context of marketing emails. In the following list, you will find words and word combinations that may harm the reader.

Let’s take a closer look at the words that you might have seen everywhere:

  1. Epic

It is a widely used adjective having a very strong message. The word is not neutral and is used to emphasize the utterance. But why is it a bad idea to implement the word in the context of your email? The reason is that the word was in so many texts that now we cannot comprehend it to the full capacity. You can always use synonyms to render the same meaning: grand, ambitious, high-sounding.

  1. Hurry!

Do you still consider the word to fit into every email? It is a wrong assumption. If you want the reader or the receiver to fit in the time frames, it is better to specify the deadline. It will be more polite and will give a better impression to the reader.

  1. Revolutionary

People enjoy using this word, but most of them don’t understand what a strong connotation the word bears. When writing an email, think twice if the issue is revolutionary indeed. To make it more simple for the broad audience, use another word, such as complete, thorough, or rioting.

  1. Unique

Marketing managers enjoy using the word everywhere. It seems to help the product or service stand out among the competitors. But few things for advertising are unique these days. Therefore, you’d better choose an alternative. Distinctive will have the right effect.

  1. Exciting

The word is supposed to render excitement and joy. But in reality, it sounds bad. People are done with it and don’t even take it seriously. If you want to describe your feelings or the situation, it is better to use less used words and talk business.

  1. Guaranteed

It is a tricky word. You can use it only when you are 100% sure that the service is guaranteed. But try to avoid using this word in emails. Few things in life can be described using this word. It is better to use a synonymic construction.

  1. Money-back guarantees

It is another word construction that you should avoid in the business mailing. When you are talking about money back issues, you need to know exactly the conditions and topic-related issues. The phrase can mislead the reader. In some contexts, it even sounds like a cliche.

  1. Miracle

If you want to sound professional, it is not the best word to insert in the email. As an expert in marketing, you should operate a more specific and topic-related vocabulary. To make the reader believe your words it is necessary to use appropriate words for describing the service, product, or offer.

  1. Amazing

It is not a creative way to express your emotions or the quality of the product. These days, people seem to don’t know another word to describe their life. If you want to make a positive impression on the reader, choose another word: astonishing, staggering, awe-inspiring.

  1. Huge

It is a vague description of the object or volume. To make it more clear, you need to be specific. Use figures or more precise words to make it clear.

  1. Great

It is not a great idea to use the word in the business mailing. Do you see it? It doesn’t have any connotation. You won’t impress the reader with such a description. Prominent, distinguished, or pronounced will work much better.

  1. Can’t

Let’s talk about verbs. When you include this word, you emphasize your inability to manage the situation. The person reading the message won’t believe you no matter how hard you try.

  1. Dumb

If you want to win the attention and respect of the reader, you should never use this word in any contextual situations. It makes others think that you have nothing in common with an intelligent person.

  1. Irresponsible

You should not talk about your bad qualities. It is not a way to success. If you want to indicate your weakness, you may do it more neutrally. Otherwise, you risk losing the respect of the reader.

  1. No

We all know why this word hurts the conversation. If you have to refuse something, make sure to replace this word with a more polite construction.

  1. Bad

It will hardly help you make the appropriate impression on the reader. It is important to use a wide range of synonyms in the emails. You need to express your ideas clearly and make a positive impact on the reader. Bad is a word for subjective assessment. It is better to use other adjectives that can better describe the situation or character.

  1. In the way

It is a useless phrase. If you want to make your text watery, you can use the combination. But to make it brief, you should omit this phrase.

  1. Hate

If you introduce this word in the business conversation or emails, your colleagues won’t admit your professionalism. As an expert, you need to know how to express your opinion without personal attitude and emotions.

  1. Don’t

You must be surprised now. It is a regular word that is often used in emails. But you should know when it is appropriate to use it. You can include the verb in the form of negation. But you cannot use it to make people do something.

  1. Brainstorm

People overuse this word when there is a less sophisticated alternative. To think it is better than to brainstorm.

  1. Cutting edge

Another word that can no longer impress the reader. Pioneering is better in this context.

  1. Cyberspace

Few people will adore this word, but others will prefer to see an ordinary name, which is the Internet.

  1. Dedication

If you manage your business, you dedicate yourself to it. It is obvious, so better to omit the noun.

  1. Experienced

Don’t you think the word is already worn out? Adept will fit much better.

  1. Knowledgeable

Another cliche adjective that has nothing to do with the actual set of qualities of a person. Competent is less expressive but will make a more positive effect.

These are the top 25 words that can damage your email and ruin the whole message. Try to avoid these words in the texts or look for better alternatives.

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