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Robinson List

What is a Robinson List?

A Robinson List is a database that contains the data of individuals and companies that have opted out of receiving unsolicited commercial communications.

This concept takes its name from Robinson Crusoe, evoking the idea of being ‘isolated’ from the onslaught of advertising.

People who want to avoid invasive advertising subscribe to these lists to protect their privacy and reduce spam.

This type of list regulates advertising via telephone, postal mail, email and SMS/MMS messages.

Importance in current marketing

Today, the saturation of advertising messages has led to more awareness about privacy and consent.

Therefore, Robinson Lists have become an essential tool for companies that want to respect these concerns.

Its use is not only a question of ethics, but also of legality, especially under regulations such as GDPR in Europe.

How to Subscribe to a Robinson List

To register for a Robinson List, any citizen must visit the Robinson List website and register for free. To do this, you can define the ways in which you want to stop receiving commercial contacts and validate exceptions, if you wish.

For citizens, subscribing to the Robinson List is free of charge, but using the Robinson List service for companies involves a financial expense.

Legislation in this regard

It is important to highlight that although other countries have different ways of controlling the sending of unsolicited messages (spam), this is a system adopted in Spain.

Its main objective is to protect the public freedoms of entities and the fundamental rights of citizens, establishing obligations for any entity that wants to send emails for subscribers in Spain.

You will have to review the applicable legislation for the countries where you have subscribers, as well as confirm that the services you use are registered in the respective systems.

Implementation in email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the areas where the Robinson List is most relevant.

When planning an email marketing campaign, it is essential to consult these lists to ensure that messages are only sent to subscribers who have given their explicit consent.

This not only improves the open and interaction rate, but also protects the company from potential legal sanctions.

Advantages of respecting the Robinson Lists

  • It improves brand image: Respecting consumer privacy improves brand image and credibility.
  • Resource optimization: By focusing campaigns on interested audiences, resource use is optimized and ROI improved.
  • Legal Compliance: You should avoid sanctions and fines associated with violating privacy and data protection laws.
  • More interaction: Campaigns aimed at interested parties generate more interaction and loyalty.

Challenges and considerations

Despite the advantages, working with Robinson Lists presents challenges.

Constantly updating these lists and integrating them with CRM systems and email marketing platforms requires sustained effort and investment in appropriate technology.


The Robinson List is not just a legal compliance tool; It is an essential component of an ethical and efficient marketing strategy.

Its correct implementation in email and SMS marketing campaigns can result in more effective, respectful and, ultimately, successful communication.

In this day and age, when privacy is a precious commodity, respecting consumers’ wishes is not only a legal obligation, but also a smart and sensitive business practice.