What is evergreen content, and why use it in your strategy?

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We can’t start this article any other way than by defining the meaning of evergreen content. This type of content can be defined as timeless content or content that won’t expire.

Evergreen content remains relevant over time and can be updated if necessary.

A content marketing agency will become your best ally if you want to develop quality evergreen content that will serve you indefinitely.

On the other hand, if you use email marketing or lead promotion in your communication strategies, having evergreen content on hand will be fantastic.

 Why is evergreen content important?

While it is true that in marketing, it is crucial to be up to date and innovate, not all strategies can be used for your business. However, even if you are not sure about how to use new techniques, you should at least take time to understand different concepts and alternatives, or you won’t be able to manage a successful marketing campaign.

One of the first rules that marketers learn is that if consumers don’t remember a brand, it will be challenging to retain customers. This is where evergreen content comes into play.

Creating relevant content that will be useful for a long time isn’t easy, but if your plan your strategy correctly, you can create high-quality evergreen content that people will love.

What are the options for creating evergreen content?

1.  Lists

Lists will always provide a quick answer and can be useful over time, especially when you create lists of historical facts or situations that will not change over time.

Some examples can be:

  • A list of presidents of any country between 1950 and 2000.
  • A list of foods rich in fiber.
  • A list of tools needed to repair a car.
  • A list of songs by a famous band.
  • A list of books published by a famous author.

All of these facts will not change completely, even if new elements can be added.

2.  Advice or tips

You can prepare tips for writing content, tips for losing weight, tips for creating animation with a design program.

This kind of content will always be useful and relevant if you write it with this function. Also, you can update it if necessary, but the basis and essence will be the same.

3.  Tutorials

Whether written or on video, the tutorials will always be present in any evergreen content strategy, whether months or years pass; at some point, someone will need a step-by-step guide for something and will search for a tutorial on the Internet.

The most common are makeup tutorials, music (how to play an instrument or dance), art, video games, or how to use a program on your computer or cell phone.

However, today you can get thousands of different tutorials online, with different complexity levels, in many different languages and formats.

4.  Guides

The most common guides on the internet are usually for studies, at any educational level.

Guides on the different subjects that you can take, and that will help you move forward in your learning process and become a useful resource for anyone.

You can publish guides on a specific topic, general guides, or advanced and relevant guides for a particular niche.

You can also post them in different formats, such as dynamic, informative guides, or include exercises and examples. All of this will depend on the type of guide you want to offer and the complexity of the material.

5.  Frequently asked questions

As its name implies, this type of content addresses the most frequently asked questions on a topic, with useful information to help users understand how to solve specific problems.

To create this type of content, you will have to list the most common questions from users and answer them with brief and clear explanations. This type of guide can be used as a knowledge base and help to decrease the number of support requests on your site.

You can send these responses by email, post them on social media, or even create explanatory videos.

6.  Recipes

Culinary recipes can be considered evergreen content, as the same recipe could be used for years without any changes.

You can share recipes in different formats, although this type of content is  usually published in text or video.

As personal advice, we recommend using beautiful photos or videos to motivate users to prepare their recipe and share it on social media.

7.  Interviews

Interviews also could become evergreen content, even if they are “old,” because when they were published, they were relevant. Also, depending on the topic, the same interview can be read much later and  offer useful information.

You can publish hundreds of types of interviews, talking to company managers, employees, public figures, users, among others.

In this case, it is essential to make them interesting, not too extensive, to hold the public’s attention and with information that adds value.

8.  Definitions and concepts

You may think that this type of content is very simple, but I guarantee that it can serve to create relevant content for your blog since many people search for information and explanations about concepts, especially on more technical topics.

Reading technical explanations of concepts can get tedious, so you should try to create fun or interesting content to keep your visitors engaged for longer.

If you work with pet products or services, for example, talking about fashion is probably not the best option.

Understanding your audience, their interests, and needs will be essential to the success of your content strategy.

Another way to create evergreen content is to talk about events relevant to a group of people.

For example, “the best songs of the 90s” or “2010 Oscar winners”, this information, while not current, usually generates interest and could be relevant even several years later.

Once again, we want to emphasize that for the choice and design of the content, it is essential that you know your target audience, that way, you can be assertive in your decisions.

Formatos para tu estrategia de contenidos

Formats for your content strategy

1.  Posts on your blog or on social media

You can share text, images, videos, and GIFs on your blog or social media. These resources will help you to enrich the information and make it more attractive to the reader.

2.   Videos

Video is currently one of the formats preferred by Internet users and works very well for evergreen content such as tutorials or recipes.

According to Neil Patel, videos can increase online purchases by up to 144% and, according to HubSpot, 4 out of 5 users find explanations in video format useful.

3.   eBook

EBooks are also very popular. You can create ebooks as part of your marketing strategy to attract new subscribers or to offer information related to the products or services you are promoting.

This format is recommended for longer texts, usually divided into chapters.

At the same time, it allows you to include attractive graphic features that make it easier to read.

4.  Infographics

Infographics are very useful for explaining a specific topic graphically and simply. Also, you can add them to virtually any digital platform.

The combination of images or illustrations with descriptive texts makes them attractive to the public, especially for online visitors.

5.  Templates

Templates are becoming increasingly popular. You have probably already received links to download templates on social media, with files that can be easily edited by users.

This feature will help you not only to give more visibility to your content but also to obtain content created directly by your followers and generate more interactions.

6.   Podcasts

Depending on your niche, you can also create podcasts with evergreen content. As long as you address timeless topics, your podcasts can be listened to several years after they have been published.

One of the advantages of podcasts and what has made them popular in recent years is the ease of consuming this type of content.

You can listen to podcasts while doing other tasks. If you create a podcast with tips for cooks, people can listen to your podcast while preparing the recipes you teach how to cook.

This feature is exceptionally effective for different types of evergreen content. Remember to take into account your audience’s preferences.

7.   Newlsetters

Last but not least, we have to talk about email marketing. You can send seasonal content or news and switch to evergreen content.

When planning your content strategy, you can schedule all the information you will use as evergreen content and, based on that, develop current content to maintain balance.

In your newsletters, you can also include graphic features that help you add more information without abusing texts.

Now you have the tools you need to make the most of evergreen content and make it part of the success of your marketing strategy.

We would like to invite you to share this information with your team and everyone you know who can get the best out of this feature.

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