Tips and tools for boosting your copywriting strategy

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For years, the phrase “content is king” has been popularized and repeated, especially since marketing has become more digital.

But for each piece of content published, there are people who sit down to turn ideas into something tangible and know how to convey all kinds of emotions, sensations, and feelings into words.

Connecting with other people through written words, text, and visual aids is not as easy as it may seem. Even in a casual conversation, sometimes we can’t find the words to explain something we want to say. Has this ever happened to you?

Now imagine the responsibility of creating unique, innovative content that converts leads into customers? What can you do to convert prospects and generate more sales to improve your business’s profitability?

A copywriter is not just a professional writer.

In fact, the text will be practically the end result of a whole process of research and training that will allow this type of expert to create eye-catching messages in just a few lines.

Listening, reading, researching, imagining, repeatedly deleting, and learning new terms, are all part of the process of writing any message.

Whether you are writing a short three-word slogan or a 400-page book doesn’t matter.

The process of copywriting is much more complex than some think; it’s not just about opening a blank document and starting to write.

If you don’t have anything interesting to share or your message doesn’t arrive correctly, you’ll just be putting words in a place where they won’t reach any destination.

That is why today we want to write this article for you because we will help you to discover the basic tools and necessary information you will need for working with copywriting.

Tools you can use to improve your copywriting strategy.

We wanted to create an article that would offer information for all kinds of needs, from the most technological and innovative tools to the most basic skills you will need to develop a successful copywriting plan.

1. Text software

With the emergence of technology, new tools have been added to the copywriters’ arsenal. Among them, we can talk about:

  •  Word

Perhaps Word, from Microsoft Office, is the most popular editor in the world, and you definitely have to recognize all the updates and new features that have been released to make sure it will always offer useful features.

If you have not installed the software on your computer, you can use the online version or the totally free Google Drive version, you will only need a Gmail account.

  •  Evernote

Evernote is another highly intuitive and user-friendly application for writing, perhaps more recent than Microsoft Word, and which also allows you to share your notes as a file, link or in any format you need.

  • TalkTyper

Finally, TalkTyper which, living up to its name, allows you to transcribe your ideas using your voice, because yes, it is also valid to use this type of resource in a copywriting process.

If we have the tools, we have to use them. Whatever software you choose, it is still important that in the end, you re-read your ideas and add the finishing touches or make the necessary corrections to create the perfect text.

Aplicaciones web

2. Applications

Many professionals prefer to use apps in their daily tasks. If you are one of them, review these recommendations:

● Writing

This app is not only a space to write but also nurtures your writing vein, you receive daily articles and have a limited time to read them and start to streamline your brain using these processes.

As you progress, you will be given tasks that serve as practice in your content creation process.

● HubSpot Idea Generator

As the title describes, you can generate writing ideas from any topic. You have both free and paid resources.

With this idea generator, you no longer will have to spend hours thinking and searching for information about what you want or should write about; you will have everything you need in just a few clicks.

● iA Writer

Although it is a paid app, it is available for all operating systems and has trial versions so that you can try it before paying for the premium version.

It allows you to focus on specific paragraphs, edit colors, highlights, bold, and all the features you consider necessary for effective copywriting.

Sitios web o blogs

3. Websites or blogs

Today there are thousands of websites, blogs, and online portals with such a diverse and varied amount of content that a lifetime would not be enough to read it all. However, the more you test new options, the more you learn.

Knowledge, culture, and diversity are fundamental for any copywriter. To write, you need to be able to work with as many ideas and content as possible and then filter it, transform it, and synthesize everything into a text.

If you are not used to reading, it would be better to first look for blogs that post short articles with many images, videos, and various audiovisual aids that will help you capture the essence of the message.

With time, you will get interested in novelties and different formats, which means you will start to read longer, specialized, and technical articles that will help you in your practice as a copywriter.

4. Books, eBooks, and notebooks

We could not leave aside the most essential tools of every writer because ideas don’t always come when we are in front of the computer or with a cell phone in our hand.

You can have a fantastic idea in the theater or on a plane while walking down the street or taking the bus. Any paper and object you write on can be your salvation wherever you are.

Also, when we write by hand, it is very different from when we write on a keyboard or on our smartphones. Writing by hand gives a different feel and perhaps consumes a little more time and attention.

This makes the end result different, perhaps with more feeling, perhaps with more detail.

One, two, or all of these tools may be great for you (or not), each has its own style and different learning processes, but we want to give you different options to help you find the alternative that works best for you.

We also want to quickly share with you some practical tips that are crucial when writing commercial texts.

Consejos para mejorar tu copywriting

Tips to improve your copywriting strategy

1.Write as much as you can

Lyrics of your favorite songs, phrases you found funny and heard on the street, the message you read on a card, the slogan you heard on a commercial, everything you can write down could help you in the future!

This will allow your brain to get used to the process of: the information has been received, I understand it, and I can write it down. Gradually, this will become so natural in you that you will not even notice what you are doing.

If you apply this technique, you will find that with just one word, you can generate ideas that will help you write new things; it is an extremely simple but very useful exercise.

2. Dare to publish some texts

Even if you feel that they are not interesting enough or that they are not perfect, even if you think that nobody will read them, however short or long they may be, dare to publish what you think and what you wrote.

Then watch people’s reactions, even if it is just a comment you received. If there is no reaction, silence is also a relevant indicator that could help to improve your strategy. Learn to discover what people like, what is working, and what has to be improved.

This discovery process will be very useful in your copywriting strategy.

3. Always look for new words

Something that happens a lot today is the repetition of words or terms because we really tend to be exposed to the same kind of information all the time. Part of the benefit of reading is learning new words and thus increasing our vocabulary.

The more you know, the more you can share and pass on. Also, someone with a large vocabulary will always have much more to say.

Finally, and as evident as it may be, always write! Keep educating yourself about what you like and what you don’t like. The best way to develop skills is to put them into practice.

Open your mind and your senses so that you can then convey, through text, all that excellent information you have to share.

If you know someone who would love to read this article, feel free to share it and help them in their training process as a copywriter.

Translated by Micheli.

Emanuel Olivier

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