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Click To Call (CTC)

What is Click to Call (CTC)?

The click to call button often has two meanings. In the first case, the customer can call the company with a single click, while in the second, they leave their phone number and ask the company to call them back later.

To offer this option, a widget is inserted into a web page that displays a button which, when clicked, allows visitors to call the company directly (this button is also often used in email marketing campaigns). campañas de email marketing (to improve sales) making it easier to convert visitors into customers.

The second option also uses a button inside a widget, but it doesn’t produce a call at that exact moment, it’s the user who leaves their details for the company, so it’s the company that will call the user when possible.

1 Advantages of click to call

A click-to-call button is a valuable tool not only for improving customer service, but also for significantly increasing conversion. Likewise, its use offers several advantages, among which we can find:

– Immediate attention

It’s a fast, real-time contact channel between the user and the company. Customers are able to resolve their problems, retention is improved and, ultimately, it facilitates the conversion of mere visitors into customers (increased sales).

– It improves user experience

The immediacy of the assistance generates a very high degree of customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to greater brand recommendation.

– Process optimization

A correctly implemented click-to-call allows calls to be automatically routed to the appropriate department to, for example, shorten the sales funnel and, integrated with an analysis tool, facilitates the work of the sales and marketing department.

– Free service

Click to Call is a free service for customers, so the perception is always positive and its use is widespread.