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Gmail (Email)

A fundamental pillar in modern digital communication

Gmail is an email service created by the technology giant Google.

Among the various email service options available, Gmail stands out as one of the most popular and powerful.

Basic information

Officially launched on April 1, 2004, Gmail has grown to become one of the most popular and used email services in the world.

From its earliest days, it was an innovative web-based email platform; Gmail has evolved to offer many more services, not just email.

It is now part of the Google Workspace Productivity Suite, which includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive and Google Meet, among others.

Relevant historical data

To fully understand the importance of Gmail in marketing, it is crucial to know some relevant historical data.

In its early days, Gmail was launched as a beta email service and was only available to guests.

This initial exclusivity created a sense of anticipation and desire among users, which ended up helping to popularize it.

In addition, Google’s decision to offer a considerable amount of free storage (at the time, 1 GB) was revolutionary and attracted users all over the world.

Over time, Gmail has expanded and improved constantly.

It has become an essential tool for users and companies.

In 2012, Google launched Gmail for companies, known as “Gmail for Business” or “G Suite”, which offers additional features designed specifically for companies.

For example, companies can use a custom domain name and will use more storage capacity.

Gmail’s most outstanding features

Some of Gmail’s most notable features include its ample storage capacity, which allows users to keep and archive emails without having to worry about how much space they use.

In addition, Gmail offers many integration options with other Google applications, making digital task management easier.

Gmail’s spam filter is also one of the most effective available options, helping users to keep their inbox clean and safe.

On the other hand, the organization system based on tags and categories allows for more effective management of emails.

In summary, we can see the following main features:

  • Filtering unwanted emails: Gmail uses advanced algorithms to filter out unwanted emails or spam.
  • Tags and organization: Gmail offers an efficient system for tagging and organizing emails, which makes it easier to segment mailing lists.
  • Targeted advertising: through Gmail, Google has the ability to display targeted ads in users’ inboxes.
  • Mobile compatibility: with the growing number of people accessing email via mobile devices, it is essential that emails are displayed correctly on mobile devices. Gmail is known for its amazing mobile compatibility.

Why it is important, advantages

The importance of Gmail in marketing lies in its numerous benefits that can boost an effective marketing strategy:

  • High degree of trust: Gmail is widely known for its security and protection against phishing and malware. This means that emails sent from Gmail accounts tend to generate more trust among recipients.
  • Segmentation and personalization: the option to label and organize emails allows you to more effectively segment email lists to personalize content. This helps to boost engagement and conversions.
  • Custom inbox: Gmail automatically sorts emails into the main inbox, the promotions tab or the notifications tab, giving marketers the opportunity to deliver their messages to their subscribers’ main inbox.
  • Integration with other Google tools: Gmail integrates seamlessly with other Google tools, such as Google Drive and Google Calendar. This makes it easier to collaborate and manage marketing-related tasks.
  • Ads in Gmail: Ads in Gmail offer an effective way to reach a specific audience. Marketers can use Google’s advertising platform to create ads aimed at Gmail users who fit their target audience.

Gmail and digital marketing

In terms of digital marketing, Gmail is a fantastic tool.

The platform allows marketers to work with mass mailing campaigns and, with Google Ads, advertisers can target specific Gmail users based on their interests and online behavior.

In short, Gmail is more than just an email service.

With its wide range of features and its role in communication and digital marketing, Gmail is an essential tool for any business.

It’s not just a tool for sending and receiving emails, but also a platform that facilitates collaboration, task management and online interaction.

Mass mailing software

Speaking of email marketing strategies, it’s important to mention the relevance of mass mailing platforms.

This term refers to software or platforms that allow companies to send mass emails to their subscriber lists efficiently.

One of the most popular email marketing services is Mailrelay.

MailRelay is an email marketing platform that offers a wide range of features:

  • You can create a newsletter
  • Segment email lists
  • Work with marketing automation tools
  • And analyze detailed reports

With an easy-to-use interface and options for managing large quantities of emails.

A valuable tool for companies that want to reach their audience effectively.

Integrating Gmail with an email marketing software like MailRelay allows companies to make the most of their marketing strategies.

They can send personalized and segmented emails to their Gmail subscribers, taking advantage of the advanced features of both platforms.

This improves the delivery and effectiveness of their campaigns.

How to integrate Gmail and MailRelay

You can integrate and automate processes between Gmail and MailRelay in a simple way using the Make.com service, you can find more information about integrations here:

Through these integrations, you can create groups, add contacts, search for subscribers, update.

So you can easily synchronize your Gmail account with MailRelay.


In summary, Gmail plays a key role in the world of digital marketing and commercial communication.

Its ability to provide a high degree of trust, segmentation and personalization, as well as its integration with other Google tools, makes it an essential tool for marketers.

In addition, combining Gmail with a mass mailing platform such as MailRelay can further enhance email marketing strategies.