SEO and copywriting: The perfect combination to sell more


You have many visitors on your online store, but it is not selling as much as you expected?

Or, perhaps you have worked hard in the content of your ecommerce, but you receive few visitors?

If you find yourself in one of these situations, even if you believe it or not, you could be making a mistake, by not combining these two options correctly, yes, SEO and copywriting. These two factors are very important for any online marketing campaign.

What exactly is SEO and copywriting?

Now that you know SEO and copywriting are important you’re thinking, but what is copywriting? Well, copywriting is the art of persuasion with words. It is the strategy used to entice users visiting your website or online store, to take the decision that you want, to buy from you!

And SEO? It is responsible for helping to drive traffic to the website. So, if done correctly, you will have the opportunity to improve the position in different search engines like Google and You may have more visits to increase your sales.

This means that  if you can create your own good quality content, it is important to try to make it visible doing a good job with SEO, using the correct strategy of copywriting.

When a high-quality content is not visible, it is like hiding a work of art at the bottom of a drawer.

Would you like to understand these concepts?

What are the advantages of SEO and copywriting?

If they can do wonders separately, together they are invincible. But, it is important to pay close attention,  we will explain the advantages of this great combination, SEO and copywriting:

A combination which doesn’t depend on algorithms

Yes, you read that right. If you do a good job of SEO and copywriting, when your website is ready, you will not depend on algorithms.

Search engines are continually updating their algorithms, so that SEO is evolving daily and your website needs to be optimized for Google and other search engines.

This is where the website or online business should be correctly configured, because if you want the search engines to index your website better, you need to keep your content constantly updated.

You certainly have heard that there are SEO techniques, called “Black hat” to position your page more quickly than usual in order to increase traffic to your website. But we don’t recommend you use these strategies.

If you want your online business to be in the first page of Google, it is best to do a good job with your content, oriented to your customers, to avoid problems in the future. By doing this, you can increase the number of visits and of course, the number of new customers.

But what is really accepted by Google?

This is where the work of a copywriter will be important, as the “giant search engine” will always give preference to real content, meaning  pages that have been created by “human beings”, with relevant information, websites that are of interest to readers.

In parallel to the work of copywriter, there is the SEO, which is to optimize website content for search engines such as Google and Bing.

To help you understand this better, all these changes in the algorithm of most search engines are made in order that the results shown in the first positions of the  search engines are the most relevant links.

Thus, SEO is responsible for putting the final touch on the content of your web page, to be among the top positions of the results of You should work with Linkbuilding correctly

You should work with Linkbuilding correctly

The advantages of having good content, well written and relevant, is that other blogs in the same niche, will add  links to your website without having to ask them personally. This means the process will be done in a natural way, this is also called “linkbaiting”.

Having an optimized and targeted content to improve the positioning in search engines is really important, to increase the number of visits, the number of sales and improve your brand image.

How to do a good job of SEO and copywriting on your website?

As explained before, what is valued by Google and therefore what you will have to improve is the quality of your contents.

Ok, now that you know that your content must be relevant and directed to your prospects, how can you create IF THE? See the factors that you should consider so that these contents have more visibility:

► The density of keywords in the content: You should not exaggerate when writing the texts, always using the same keyword.

Write thinking of the reader instead of thinking only of Google, including not only keywords, but also key phrases, synonyms of these words and adding related keywords.

► Use keywords that convert: Before you start writing, You need to know the keywords that  will help to bring more traffic to your website. But how can you discover this information? You will have to search for the best keywords, using tools like SEMRushand, or just with Google’s search results.

If you add in the Google search field  an asterisk “*” In front of the keyword, you can find synonyms or related keywords, this information will be very important  for the creation of your content.


► The text size is important: That’s right, long text  are better evaluated both by users and by Google.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start writing anything just to add a number of keywords, your content  should be based on copywriting strategies and pay attention to the topic you are talking about.

► Add internal links: To work with SEO and copywriting, you should also know when you can include links on your website or blog.

This way you not only improve the positioning of your website, but You can also guide the user to find other products or content related to what he is reading at the moment.

► Don’t forget to add tags and meta descriptions: If you thought that the work of copywriting and SEO ends when the texts are completed, we are sorry to say that this is not so, because you also need to insert a meta description of your contents.

How is this done? The meta description should summarize the content of your text, and will also be used  in search results, so it should properly explain what your  future customers will find when accessing the page.

Remember that the first impression is what matters!

As you can see, SEO is important for your  website, but without the help of copywriting, you can’t convert visitors to increase your sales.

So if you want to sell more, don’t waste time and start working with this perfect combination.

Let’s start?

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