How to make the most of your confirmation emails


In the process of preparing and planning an email marketing strategy, there are a number of aspects that you should keep in mind, so that everything works properly and your campaigns are a success. The main aspects are: Confirmation emails, welcome pages, autoresponders, sales funnels, etc.

As I have already talked about some of them in previous articles, in this post I want to focus on confirmation emails, because this message has a lot of potential, if created correctly.

From my point of view, confirmation emails are essential and I always take good care of the design and content of these messages. I believe that the user who accepted to receive our newsletters, deserves to feel special with a nice welcome message.

For this reason, throughout this article, I will propose a series of ideas and examples to get the most out of your confirmation emails, when a user subscribes to your mailing list.

►9 ideas for your confirmation emails

To help you make the most of your confirmation emails, we have prepared a series of examples that we will detail below. You can select the best option for your strategy, always depending on the goals you set in your email marketing strategy.

●Confirmation emails

One of the most common confirmation emails is the one where the user receives a message confirming that his contact has been registered correctly, or that he has to click on a link to confirm his subscription (through a double opt-in process.)

These are usually short and simple messages, for the user to confirm his subscription or notify that the email has already been registered.

●Welcome email

Another common use of a confirmation email is to take advantage of this message to welcome the new subscriber, and to thank him for subscribing to your newsletter.

Usually these are messages that use a very personal tone, created with a clear goal, to contact the user with a friendly message.

Regarding the content of this email, you can send an email with text, but if what you want is to capture his attention and create a different image for your company, my advice is to use your most creative side and welcome him with an image or even a video.

If you decide to work with a video, you could record it yourself, ask a member of your team to record it for you or edit a video created to advertise your corporate image, to welcome your new subscribers in a much more creative way.

● Create a survey

Another thing you can do with your confirmation emails is to use this message to create a survey, which will be very useful for several reasons:

  1. It will allow you to target your subscribers and know their interests in relation to your brand. In this way, if you have multiple types of products or lines of business, you will know the real interests of your new subscriber.
  2. Once you have targeted this user, you could send him content related to the products or services that are relevant for him.
  3. By participating in a custom subscription process, the user will feel special and will know that you are interested in understanding his needs.

● Redirect the user to another page

You can also use the subscription confirmation email to redirect the user to another page or section of your site. That is, generating traffic from an external  channel, as by offering relevant information to the user will create engagement. Remember that after subscribing, the user will be more receptive to exclusive promotions and discounts.

Some examples of pages to which you could redirect the user are: an article on your blog, a page that includes a downloadable file, an invitation to an event, an offer or discount, etc.

● Products

Leveraging the power of Email Marketing segmentation, another option for your welcome emails, which will be interesting  especially if you have an online store, is to include one or more products of your catalog in this message, as long as they are related to the interests of the new subscriber.

If you separate your subscribers on different groups, you could create several autoresponders, each message with a different product, based on the group to which the new user is subscribing.

confirmation email

●Details and Order Confirmation

Compared to the previous point about online stores, another option for you to take advantage of your confirmation emails is to send the user all the information about his order, if he purchased something from you, that is, all the details about the delivery, or just a confirmation that it has been processed correctly.

The information that is usually sent in these confirmation emails are: order number, approximate delivery date, details of the purchase (product, color, size, specifications, etc.), form of delivery, delivery address, buyer data, contact details of the seller.

●Data Confirmation

Another common use for confirmation emails is to send for the user the details of his signature and about the possibility of modifying them if he wants to change his subscription.


Also, you could use your confirmation emails to include the terms of use, your privacy policy, as well as other relevant information and rules about your products or services.

If you choose this option, I advise you to inform the subscriber about the frequency of campaigns he will receive.

These types of confirmation emails are especially useful if you have a sales funnel on your website, because you could prepare several emails to be sent sequentially.

● Social networks and contact information

Finally, you could include your contact information and your social network profiles in your confirmation emails.

Hopefully with these tips and ideas, from now on you will get the most out of your confirmation emails, so your email marketing strategy is as effective as possible.

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