Accounts paused or blocked, reasons and solutions.

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If you have just created your Mailrelay account or you are sending an email marketing campaign and you are getting a message stating that your account is paused or blocked, don’t worry, in this post, we will explain the reasons and how to solve each problem.

The success or failure of an email marketing campaign is directly affected by multiple factors that must be taken into account.

Otherwise, your emails may end up in the spam folder.

The main problem is that users don’t have to know about all these details and that is why email marketing platforms should ensure that they are taken care of properly.

Many times this is done in a transparent way for the users, such as the Smartdelivery feature offered by Mailrelay.

But other times, it is necessary for the user to execute an action and therefore, he should be notified about the problem to solve it.

In this post, we will explain why your Mailrelay account could be blocked and what you can do to start using it again.

My Mailrelay account is locked or paused, what can I do?

Above all, don’t worry.

The first thing you should do is to contact our support department to review your account (if they have not already done so).

Once you contact them, they will tell you the specific reason for the account to be blocked and what you should do to solve the problem.

Still, there are frequent causes that I want you to know, for you to see that it is not such a serious problem.

►New domain

This is one of the most frequent reasons for an account to be blocked, usually shortly after its creation.

The problem is that the use of newly registered domains could adversely affect your email marketing campaigns.

As we said before, usually, the webmaster doesn’t have to know about it.

But to avoid major problems, which could affect the reputation of the domain, penalizing it for future campaigns, the system pauses directly or locks the account, preventing the user to send emails that could cause problems for the domain administrator.

To solve this, the user can contact our support team, and our staff will give you the appropriate instructions to avoid this problem.

It is, therefore, a security mechanism to prevent the user, due to ignorance, from having future problems.

►Website available and with contact information

This is a mandatory requirement:

All accounts must be associated with an active domain, with a website 100% published and with real contact information.

This is very important because it allows subscribers to know how their contact information was obtained, as well as what they should do to request to unsubscribe if they wish to do so. For all companies, this is an essential standard of transparency, whether or not it is mandatory by the law of your country.

Aside from being something very easy to accomplish, well, it is hardly a real requirement, since all companies that have an active site, will have contact information on their website.

However, this information will help the system to detect potential spammers, because they usually don’t have a published site.

This way, the system can protect itself from potential spammers and ensure the best delivery rates possible in email marketing campaigns for all users of our platform.

Something all users want.

It may happen that, in your case, it is merely that you have not yet finalized your website, it may be incomplete, or you will publish it in a few days. No problem, again, you should just contact our support department, and they will offer the information necessary for the account to be unlocked.

►Multiple accounts

This is another frequent cause of blocking or paused accounts.

A user can only have a free account. You will  never be allowed to create or use multiple free accounts.

But of course, often, users don’t know about this rule. After all, how many people stop to read the terms of use of a service before they start using it?

The system has filters to detect the creation of more than one account and if you do it, it will block all of them.

In this case, the user only needs to contact support and indicate the account he will keep. The other ones, of course, will be deleted after allowing the administrator to save the databases, if necessary.

►Identical campaigns for multiple accounts

This is usually related to the previous point, although not always.

Sometimes a user may want to help another company by sending the same campaign to his mailing list.

This should never be done.

For several reasons, but mainly because these subscribers didn’t subscribe to receive advertising from another company, they didn’t give their consent to this, so many of them probably will mark the email marketing campaign as spam, and what was done to help another sender, could end up creating a bigger problem for both companies.

Also, many spammers create multiple accounts to try to send campaigns using all of them.

The system is prepared to detect these situations and prevent this from happening, as these campaigns could affect other users.

In any case, never attempt to send an email on behalf of other domains.

►Subject lines that could be considered spam

This is another of the points considered, subjects like:

  1. Test
  2. Testing the system
  3. Newsletter
  4. Etc.

Together with other factors we have discussed on other occasions, these subject lines could affect the delivery rate of your emails.

As with reputational issues, it is best not to use these subjects; the system can pause the account when it finds a generic subject, until the support team can analyze it in detail.

Always try to use subject lines as original as possible!

In summary

The account review system is merely another tool to ensure the platform will be used correctly and to prevent spammers from taking advantage of the software, ensuring the smooth operation of Mailrelay for all users.

This is fundamental for all users because when you are using the system correctly, you are helping to improve our general reputation. If you are not doing things  correctly, when the account is blocked, our staff will explain what you are doing wrong so that you can create even better email marketing campaigns.

In some situations, it may generate false positives, but they are very rare and in these cases, the user only needs to contact our team, which will indicate what needs to be done so that the problem is solved.

After that, you can continue using your Mailrelay account to send your newsletters.

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