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Gmail Clipping

Why do Gmail emails get clipped?

When an email is too long, Gmail cuts off the content; that is called Gmail Clipping.

Normally, the email client displays a message indicating that the email is too long and adds a link to display the full message.

This phenomenon can affect the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

Why is Gmail Clipping important in email marketing?

This change in the way the message is displayed for Gmail users can impact your email marketing campaigns.

The user will not see all the content of the message.

When clipping is applied, some parts of the message may be hidden.

This can include essential parts, such as calls to action or other important links.

This can reduce the effectiveness of the message and negatively affect conversion rates.

On the other hand, this “clipping” can also affect the brand image.

Clipped emails can give the impression of carelessness or poor planning.

Keeping the design concise and to the point helps preserve the brand image.

How to prevent Gmail from clipping your emails

Let’s discuss some strategies that can solve this problem of clipped emails.

Reduce the size of all your emails

To avoid Gmail clipping, it is essential to limit the size of the email.

The general recommendation is to keep the email size below 102 KB.

In addition, the use of efficient design and content can avoid this problem.

IMPORTANT: when you copy text from a web page or an external document editor (such as Microsoft Word), in addition to the text, you are copying hidden codes (the styles used to format the text).

These styles not only cause problems with the layout of the message, but also increase the size of the email.

If you have to run several tests, use different subject lines

Gmail tends to group together and cut off emails that have the same subject line, understanding that they are part of a conversation.

If you use the same subject line, the emails would be clipped.

The solution is as simple as changing the subject lines for each test you run.

Don’t attach images

If images are attached to an email, the size will quickly increase.

Instead, upload the images to the Mailrelay server and add links so that they can be displayed without increasing the size of the email.

This is a simple and easy solution.

Use short emails with a simple structure

Ultimately, the solution is to use short emails that get straight to the point.

Remember that, ultimately, the fact that emails get clipped is a Gmail problem, not a technical problem with the email you’re sending.

What if the email is clipped, no matter what you do?

No matter how hard you try to change the message.

Or even if you really need to send longer content.

And Gmail keeps clipping your emails. In this case, the solution is twofold:

  • Add the typical “web version” link.
  • Or, in the middle of the content, a “read more” link that will take you to the same web version.

In both cases, these are options that will direct reads to the full content of the newsletter, so they can view it without any problems.


Understanding and avoiding Gmail Clipping is essential for any email marketing strategy.

This ensures that messages are delivered efficiently and contributes to the overall success of marketing campaigns.