How to write an irresistible sales email (without feeling uncomfortable)


For many entrepreneurs, writing a sales email is an embarrassing experience.

However, you can’t run an online business without any customers, and if you don’t create a sales strategy; you will have to close your business.

Therefore, it is essential to selling well with email marketing, but how can you write a sales email without feeling like you’re betraying your dignity?

Selling is a skill. And like any other skill, you can learn it without scaring your potential customers and without feeling like a boring salesperson.

In this article, you will learn how to write an awesome sales email that will help your readers with relevant solutions to real problems.

I hope that from now on, you change your mindset and start to take more advantage of the sales process.

· How to use copywriting to write your sales emails.

a) Write an intriguing subject line

What is the first thing your potential customers will see when they open their inbox?

The subject line of the emails they received.

If the message subject is inspiring, leave a mark and stand out among other emails, you will make your prospects interested, which means that many will open and read your message. Therefore, the subject line will be decisive for increasing your open rates. So, take  the time to choose the best subject line for each campaign if you don’t want to lose sales before your subscribers open your newsletters.

How to write an effective subject line?

Be yourself and try to use a personal tone, as you would talk to a friend.

Use a title that highlights the benefits of the product or service you are offering:

Our hosting is 50% safer and faster.

Or a competitive title:

Dominate Google’s search results and leave page 2 to your competitors

Or an inspirational title:

Design your own website even if you don’t have technical knowledge

Start your sales email describing the benefits:

b) Start your sales email describing the benefits:

Your potential customers are not interested in you, your products or the services you are offering, they only care about themselves, their needs and want to solve their problems.

If you want to dig deeper into how to captivate your customers, our blog offers many articles that can help you improve your sales strategy.

So how can you attract your potential customers?

You will need to demonstrate the benefits of the product or service you are promoting, with relevant facts that could change their life.

For example, an agricultural machinery company, whose potential customers are farmers, should show the advantages of the new combine that they are selling, how this product can help subscribers save money, as their harvest would be easier and faster. This information is vital for these prospects, as the product helps to solve a real problem that all farmers need to face annually.

Instead of presenting the advantages of a product or service, most sales emails we receive daily just talk about a brand or a product, forgetting to demonstrate how the user can take advantage of the product or service being sold.

When you receive an advertising email talking about the features of a product or a service, how do you react? Are you interested, or do you click the delete button?

c) Show what will happen if they don’t work with your product or service

Show your reader the difference in their lives with your product or service and without it.

Show them why their lives will get better and how painful it will be if they don’t use your product.

Returning to the agricultural machinery company:

If you don’t have our combine: your harvest will take three times longer, and you will spend 200% more on other machines. In other words, the work process will be more complicated and slower.

With our combine: you will save 200% on equipment,  and your machine will last longer; you can manage the entire harvest process easily and analyze reports with a computerized system.

Provide a summary of what they will get

d) Provide a summary of what they will get

Summarize in your sales email the value your customers will get if they buy from you. To do that, list the features of the product or service and Combine the information with the advantages and problems your customers are facing.

Among the features you can use to describe a product or service, we can list: Size, color, duration, etc. What about the advantages? You can explain how the product or service will improve your customer’s life.

The consultancy Mabeja Consulting summarized the features and benefits of the service they offer to companies that need HR management services with a message similar to this one:

·We create and manage your HR department so you can focus on your company and stop wasting your valuable time: we select your staff, we hire them and take care of payroll management and layoffs.

· Increase the performance of your employees through our social climate studies and consultancy to avoid unfavorable work situations.

· Improve your company’s security with our studies to prevent occupational hazards.

· We analyze the results to achieve continuous improvement of your company.

· Put your human resources department in the hands of experts and take the time to develop your brand and your business.

e) Remove doubts

What objections might your reader have to buy your product or service?

In addition to offering solutions to your potential customers, you should address their queries and answer common questions to help them purchase. In other words, you need to address common problems that could be preventing your customers from trusting your solution.

Find out your customers’ objections and answer their questions honestly. If the main issue is lack of trust; explain why your company is trustworthy and show them proof of your work. If the downside is price, show him why your product or service has that cost and why it is worth buying.

Each sector will have different problems. Understanding how your niche works and the doubts of your customers will be instrumental in helping them to trust you.

If you are a consultant and want to approach companies that think they don’t need your services because they are starting their activities, you’ll have to remove that objection and show them that it’s really the best time to establish the legal bases of the entity and obtain tax benefits.

Social proof

f) Social proof

After clearing their doubts, do you think your readers are ready to buy your products or services?

Well, probably not yet.

For customers to buy from you, they first need to trust you.

That’s why social proof or testimonials from previous clients will be very important to your business.

If a user speaks highly of you and your products, it will be a test of reliability for your readers.

When writing a sales email, you can include 2 or 3 customer comments or a testimonial with a real success story that proves the value of your product or service.

g) Offer/price

Don’t forget to include how much the product or service costs, the reason for the price, and if there are any facilitated payment options.

You can also offer a discount if they buy your product or service in x days or for customers who purchase products in a bundle.

h) Call-to-action

Add a call to action when writing your sales email to convince your subscribers to click on the link, whether to buy from you, to read an article, to call you or to persuade readers to act.

i) Warranty

It would be best if you offered an extra guarantee as many users are still afraid of buying products or services online.

If you offer a course, encourage them to try it for one month and if they don’t like it; you can promise to refund their money.

If you offer a service, encourage readers to call and request information without any commitment, so you can help them to understand the advantages of hiring you.

Put away the fear of selling and have fun.

· Put away the fear of selling and have fun.

Writing an effective sales email is a skill you can learn. In fact, if you know the essential steps to working with copywriting, you can start getting the results you were craving quickly.

Write each section little by little and without feeling overwhelmed because you should create a coherent and attractive structure.

Edit your text as many times as necessary until it looks perfect.

And don’t forget that your sales email should help your readers. you have the solution to their problem, so you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or intimidated.

I hope that from now on, you get rid of the fear of selling and have fun writing your advertising emails!

I await your comments.

Translated by Micheli.

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