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Cheap and effective marketing, this was a keyword I found when I was reviewing some AdWords campaigns, and I immediately thought that Email marketing is still in 2018 the marketing tool that best meets the two requirements of this research:

  1. An inexpensive marketing tool
  2. And, at the same time, an effective tool

It’s a perfect fit for small and large businesses.

That’s why in today’s post I wanted to do a little review on these two aspects, to respond to this type of queries.

· What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of online marketing that uses email as a means of communication between a sending party (the sender) and 1 or more receivers (subscribers). Email is used for sending messages to a list of contacts, which can be:

  1. Promotional or Sales
  2. Informational
  3. Contact
  4. Etc.

That is, we can use email marketing as a means of direct communication between us, our company and a list of subscribers, customers or contacts, who will receive our message (email).

In short, it is a communication tool that will allow us to send our message, whatever the type, to our target audience.

That is a simplified and simple definition, but I think it helps us as a basis for understanding the usefulness and benefits, we will discuss now.

· Why don’t many businesses and entrepreneurs use email marketing as part of their sales strategy?

Answering this question in a generalized way is very complicated.

Well, the factors are multiple, and in each case, they can vary a lot. However, in general we can see:

  1. Poor reputation. Many people continue to associate email marketing with spam, even if companies that work correctly with newsletters would never send spam.
  2. They don’t want to disturb their contacts. Due to the previous point, many people think subscribers will feel uncomfortable if they receive messages from a company.
  3. Ignorance. Many companies don’t know all the benefits of email marketing to improve their results.
  4. Lack of planning. There are more and more online marketing systems offering miraculous formulas, many entrepreneurs try all options for a short time, without stopping to analyze the results before deciding  whether to keep working or give up.
  5. Negative results in the past. Sometimes companies try to create an email marketing campaign, but after the first attempt, if the results are not as good as expected, they end up giving up.
  6. Etc.

Many other factors will affect that decision, but these are the most common ones.

And while we’ve seen the benefits of email marketing for companies, many are still looking for other options instead of considering sending emails as an option for creating cheap and effective marketing campaigns.

That’s why we’ll focus on talking about these points.

What options do we have to make cheap or inexpensive marketing?

· What options do we have to make cheap or inexpensive marketing?

When searching for options to create cheap marketing, many of us think about some alternatives:

  1. Social networks. We have all heard stories of companies that have become known in social networks with a distinct and fantastic profile.
  2. Guest post on blogs. This technique is widely used and consists of publishing content on other blogs in exchange for links or banners.
  3. Create a blog. Although this is an option that takes time, and can’t always be considered cheap.
  4. Participate in forums or sites like Quora. Again to get visibility.

These would be some of the options to promote a brand and get leads, without having to spend a lot of money.

There are more expensive options like:

  1. Google AdWords. Useful, but requires a great investment.
  2. Ads on Facebook. Effective sometimes, depending on the type of products or services. Ineffective in other segments.
  3. Linkedin or Twitter Ads. Very expensive in my experience, though they are not considered a bad option for visibility.
  4. Sponsored Posts
  5. Etc.

These options, while effective, are considerably more expensive than the first alternatives.

►  Why are these tools more advantageous?

Well, these paid tools, or more expensive, have some advantages:

  1. Greater reach and visibility. Considerably much bigger.
  2. Immediate result. We can launch these campaigns immediately without prior planning.

In general, they are tools that allow us to achieve a lot of visibility, immediately, without having to create a long-term strategy for attracting these leads.

The problem is usually the price.

Email marketing, reduce your costs in digital marketing campaigns.

·  Email marketing, reduce your costs in digital marketing campaigns.

After analyzing the previous alternatives, we should consider email marketing as an option.

Not only because it will be possible to create a cheap marketing campaign, but also because it will be possible to reduce the costs of the other tools discussed earlier.

Let’s see how.

► Cheap Marketing

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to do online marketing.

For example, if you have a database of customers who have already purchased your products or paid for your services, you can create campaigns to convince them to buy again, which means you would gain  more money without having to pay to get new leads.

You would be working with customers who already know your brand.

There will be many challenges to overcome.

► But email marketing can help reduce costs.

Whatever the digital marketing strategy used.

Most visitors will not buy our products the first time they access our website.

But if we get the email from these visitors, we can get them through the sales funnel, guiding them towards the shopping cart.

We’ve talked about that before.

And it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to optimize the ROI of our investment in online marketing.

Think of all the traffic that comes to your site. Don’t you think that Would it be fantastic to be able to try to sell your products more than once to the same visitors?

That’s what we can do with email marketing, and that’s why it’s so useful.

More Reasons to Use Email Marketing

· More Reasons to Use Email Marketing

Another advantage of email marketing compared to other options that we mentioned, such as social networks, is that it is measurable, in the smallest details.

It’s possible to know exactly who opened our emails, who Clicked to visit the sales page.

We can even use Google Analytics to create conversion funnels that will show us the results of each marketing action.

And much more, without having to pay a lot of money.

This allows us to really know what is happening with our investment.

Something essential when we don’t have a big budget to invest in digital marketing.

If we take the other options to do cheap marketing, for example, social networking, Twitter, for example, the information is not 100% verifiable, as we can see:

Your Tweets received 12,297 impressions during the last 24 hours

Okay, but among these 12,000 impressions, how many people read this particular message?

It’s hard to know.

Also, in these cases, we are always at the mercy of the decisions taken by the social networks we use. You probably heard about the changes in Facebook, when they announced that they would not display  all the updates for all users.

· Even more, reasons to use email marketing

Email marketing is a great option to get more leads cheaply.

Many other reasons make this technique a fantastic option for companies of all sizes.

Especially if we want to do effective marketing.

There are other reasons.

As we said earlier, it is getting harder and harder to get visibility in social networks, due to the number of users and due to constant changes in the internal systems of each platform.

If we think of traditional advertising (banners, ads, etc.), we will see that more and more users are searching for mechanisms to block this type of marketing action. AdBlockers are becoming more common  and even when users have not installed a blocking software, they will be unlikely to have an interest in a random banner.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain contact with our potential customers.

Email marketing, when used in conjunction with content marketing, is the best option to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

In addition to monetizing our investment as we commented.

Mailrelay, the best option for working with email marketing

· Mailrelay, the best option for working with email marketing

So far, we’ve seen the reason why we should use email marketing to create cheap and effective marketing campaigns.

Now comes the time to choose the email marketing software that we are going to use.

Mailrelay offers all the features you need for sending email marketing and succeed with your campaigns:

  1. Smartdelivery
  2. A free account
  3. It is easy to integrate with other platforms
  4. Provides SMTP servers
  5. Works with a system for detecting spammers and helps to comply with best practices
  6. Customer Support
  7. The possibility of contracting dedicated IPs
  8. A vast amount of material on digital marketing and email marketing
  9. In short, Mailrelay helps you save money on your email marketing

All of these features and many others are available on Mailrelay, you only have to create a free account now.

If you have questions about how to get this free account, you can visit our website and contact our support team.

· In summary

When we want to work with cheap and effective marketing, we have to consider the use of email marketing, as it not only helps us to profit with other actions, but it is a powerful way to create engagement with our customers.

We just need a good email marketing software, the appropriate content marketing strategy and analyze the campaigns, to update what is not working.

Do you have questions?

Ask your questions in the comments!

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