8 Ways Copywriting Can Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates

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Do you struggle to drive eCommerce conversion? You should revisit your approach to copywriting. You should analyze the current copies you are using and create new content for your website if needed.

Today, we will talk about copywriting, its benefits, and techniques you can use to boost your content marketing efforts, increase conversion rates, and take your business to the next level.

Let’s get started!

Address security concerns

Modern customers are aware that there are many scam websites out there. Therefore, they have concerns regarding placing orders on websites they have never heard about.

You can use your copywriting skills to convince users that your eCommerce company is real and that your website is trustworthy. You can create a compelling “About Us page”, write detailed product descriptions, and add testimonials.

The more relevant content you will create for your website, the better. A well-designed content strategy will help you build trust with your target audience and eventually increase conversion rates. People will not be afraid to place orders and make payments on your website.

Meet the need

Why do people visit your website? They look for a product that can satisfy a specific need they have.

Let’s say you sell wedding dresses. Who are your customers? Brides. What do brides look for in a wedding dress? Do they really care about the quality of cloth? Nope. The only thing brides care about is whether they will look stunning on a wedding day.

Basically, when you write product descriptions, you don’t have to try to convince brides that your dresses are good. Your main task is to convince them that your dresses are the exact dresses they have been dreaming about since childhood.

In other words, if you want to create a copy that will win your target audience’s attention and drive conversion, don’t focus on the features of your product. Focus on the benefits your customers get once they buy your product.

Tap into emotions

What is the difference between an ordinary product copy and a copy that drives conversions? Effective copies tap into website visitors’ emotions.

Your product is not just a set of features. It’s much more than that.

When you describe your product, you should find the right words to help your website visitors imagine how it feels to hold, touch, use, or wear your product.

Here is an example of a well-written product description that triggers customers’ emotions. A seller invites female customers to “sink into the soft, warm robe and instantly feel your troubles melt away.” That sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Such product description resonates with a target audience on a deep emotional level. Naturally, women looking for a comfy robe want to get a product that will help them relax after a long day and “make their troubles melt away”.

Think of your customers and their preferences. What do they expect to get from using your product? What kind of emotions do they want to experience? Address these questions in your product copy, and you will take the conversion rates to the next level.

Leverage storytelling

Now let’s talk about the copywriting techniques you are using to present your brand.

Do you leverage storytelling? You should definitely try it out to create a winning copy for “About Us” page. You should write a compelling brand story, state your mission, and explain your philosophy.

People do not remember facts, but they do remember stories. If you present your brand in the form of a narrative, it will help you make your brand more memorable and build trust with your target audience. Eventually, it will raise loyalty levels and make a positive impact on conversion rates.

Optimize your copies for Google

Do you know what the most challenging part of copywriting is? You need to create copies that meet users’ preferences and satisfy Google’s requirements. You should find a balance between making your texts interesting to read for users and easy to crawl for search engine robots.

Google algorithm is constantly changing, and it might be difficult for you to keep up with new updates. However, there are three things that Google always takes into account: content uniqueness, keyword usage, and readability.

Write unique copies for each page

If you want to improve your website ranking, you should write every product description and page description from scratch.

Even if you have 100+ products on your website, you should create unique copies for each product. You can hire an in-house copywriter, find a qualified freelancer, or outsource writing services. Whatever solution you will choose, you can be sure that the investments in unique content will be worth the result.

If you operate in the field of education and find it challenging to come up with content ideas, check out and try this essay and flashcard database. Get the inspiration you need and create exclusive content for your eCommerce brand.

Use keywords naturally

Copywriting and SEO go hand in hand. If you want to create copies that drive conversion, you should learn the basics of SEO and keyword usage in particular. You should discover long-tail low-competition keywords and use them naturally in your copies.

You can find relevant keywords using digital tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. Just type the keyword associated with your product in a search bar, click the button, and you will see a list of the search queries your target audience creates. Analyze the results and pick the keywords that have low competition and comparatively high traffic.

Keep in mind that you should optimize your copies naturally using a chosen keyword in the heading of the page and its description.

Don’t use a keyword in a sentence if it doesn’t make any sense. Google will notice that you are trying to trick the algorithm and will penalize your page. That will result in low engagement and low conversion rates.

Improve readability

The readability of your copies also plays an important role. If you write an engaging copy but don’t structure it properly, you will not attract visitors to your website.

Modern users don’t read the page; they scan it. Therefore, if you strive to boost your eCommerce conversion rates, you should make sure that all your texts are easy to read and easy to skim through:

  • Keep your sentences short
  • Use bulleted lists to present the key features of your products or any other important details
  • Add headings and subheadings to separate different sections of the page
  • Avoid the use of passive voice.

Personalize your message

Modern customers want to feel valued and special, and you should take it into account when writing content for your eCommerce website. You should personalize your message and make people believe that you have created your product personally for them.

Before you start writing a copy, imagine that you are talking to your friend. Find the right words to make your friend believe that the offered product is a perfect fit for his need:

  • Use the words “you” and “your”
  • Keep your tone friendly and engaging
  • Focus on specific details rather than provide general information

It will not take you much effort to adjust your writing style this way. But it will make a big difference in your content quality. It will help you to engage your website visitors and level up conversion.

Proofread and edit your copy to make it perfect

Poor grammar and typos may negatively affect your eCommerce website. To avoid these issues, you can use a professional grammar checker available on various platforms. Here is why.

Customers tend to associate poor content quality with poor product quality and low credibility. If you make a few typos in a product description, users may think that your website is a scam. You don’t want it to happen, do you?

Proofread your copies thoroughly and use grammar checkers like Grammarly. Ensure that there are no errors in the text that may hurt the credibility of your website and affect your conversion rates.

Watch the competition

Have you just started your eCommerce business and don’t know what steps to take next? Visit your competitors’ websites and define the copywriting techniques they are using. It will give you an idea of what content works in your niche and help you choose the right strategy for your business.

To drive conversion, try to create better copies than your competitors create. Convince your target audience that you offer the best products and services in the niche, and you will hit your marketing goal.

Practice makes perfect

Is copywriting a new thing for you? Practice more in writing copies, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Test different copywriting approaches, and you will find a perfect one for your eCommerce business. You will boost your conversion rates and achieve your marketing goals.

BIO: Kristin Savage is a freelance writer and blogger at https://subjecto.com/. Her main target audiences are college students and young professionals. She covers topics related to college life, academic success, and starting a career. She always provides her readers with actionable tips they can easily apply to solve their dilemmas and problems.

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