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Starting a blog is already a step, but many of the people who start this journey abandon the blog after a while because they are disappointed with the results, or because they couldn’t monetize their blog.

Or they simply got tired of updating the blog regularly because they couldn’t earn anything with the project.

It is very likely that you, like many other users, have stopped working with your blog. But, if this is already bothering you if you want to invest time in your blog; you must persist and use the right strategies.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you several tips that can help you reactivate your blog and start making money with your project.

El diseño

1. Review the design

The first impression is the one that will stay in the minds of your visitors. In other words, the design of your blog is the first thing visitors will see. There are hundreds of possibilities and combinations that will help you make it visually appealing and improve the usability of the site, thus enhancing interaction with your content.

But we are not just talking about the color palette or the format; the first thing you should do is define a unique name for your site. This will be your brand name on the internet, your online identity. Remember that the blogger world will know you by this name, so you should take the necessary time to select an appropriate name for your project.

One of the best ways to do that is to list all the names that would make sense to you, because the name you have chosen could be already in use by another person or company.

You will have to purchase and register a domain name, so you will need to choose a name for the project that is available as a domain name as well.

Don’t stop until you find the best design for your blog.

2. Attractive titles and SEO

After setting up your blog, now you just need to start creating content that will be posted on your blog. One of the most basic things that you should keep in mind is that the titles should be beautiful. Your best weapon to attract visitors is to choose the right keywords for each article.

In fact, you will enter a world that will be totally new to you: planet SEO. Or what is the same Search Engine Optimization?

But what is a keyword? It is a word or phrase used by visitors to search for content on the web. In other words, they type something into the search box, and the search engine displays a series of sites with related results.

We should recognize that SEO is a whole science based on many algorithms that may escape us at first. But, little by little, and with the help of someone who knows this world? You can start to improve your ranking on Google.

Ser regular en tus publicaciones

3. Publish content regularly

Another tip that you should consider for your blog to take off like a rocket is how regularly you publish and create content.

If you don’t frequently log in to your own blog and renew your articles, people will lose interest and will start looking for content on other sites. You should know that in this information-saturated world, nobody has patience or will wait for you forever, even if you have already made a name for yourself in the world of “bloggers.” People forget about you more easily than you think.

4. Start commenting on other blogs

You think that commenting on other people’s blogs will only be a way to advertise yourself, as you could leave your link to the blog. But you’re mistaken.

The main thing when it comes to commenting on other blogs, as long as they are in the same niche, is that your name will be seen on different pages that deal with the same subject. So be smart and try to interact with other bloggers and users who are interested in the same type of content that you publish.

However, please don’t comment with a mere “what a great article.” Never do that if you want to be taken into consideration. If you write a generic comment, the administrator will probably consider your text as spam and delete the comment. You need to demonstrate you have read the article, offering interesting ideas so that the administrator and the readers will consider you as someone who is interested in the topic. On the other hand, if you write relevant comments, this will attract other bloggers and readers to your site.

Crea relación con otros “bloggers”

5. Build relationships with other bloggers

Yes, in addition to your circle of friends in the real world, you should establish relationships with the virtual community, which, from now on, will become your partner and not your competitor.

The best thing you can do to start this friendly relationship is to get in touch with bloggers who publish content related to your niche, with the objective of establishing contacts that can benefit both parties. You need to work together, not against each other.

6. Add links to other blogs

In addition to writing engaging articles, you should also include external links to other important sites where users can find complementary information about the content they are reading.

The bloggers you recommend will reciprocate the kindness, and therefore, they will also start recommending your blog. This kind of relationship is a win-win situation, not only for increasing the number of page visitors but also for improving your SEO strategy.

Besides the number of unique visitors, the time each user stays on the page is very important to improve your ranking in search engines, as these statistics indicate how many users visit your site, but the time spent on the page will tell you how relevant visitors consider your content.

An interesting option to highlight relevant content is to create a list of the most read or most commented posts, for example, so that visitors can interact with these links, which would help to boost your indicators for these URLs.

Promociona tu blog en las redes sociales

7. Promote your blog on social media

Of course, social media has become the perfect window to give your blog as much visibility as possible.

We can mention Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms for different niches.

In fact, you need to choose very well the social media site your users will visit. For example, if your content is very visual, Instagram might be one of the best options. If, on the contrary, it is more informative, Twitter would be your great ally.

8. Create a newsletter

Yes, creating a newsletter is vital to maintaining permanent contact with your readers. In fact, in this information-saturated world, users prefer to have all the highlights summarized in an email that they can read quickly rather than having to visit their favorite blogs every day.

Set a day of the week to send a newsletter and add subscription forms to your blog. Besides promoting your blog, it will also serve as a digital strategy for opening a more individualized communication channel with your audience and thus establish a closer relationship with your visitors.

La interactividad es clave

9. Interactivity is the key

From forums to surveys, it is vital that the user feels part of your blog and wants to engage with you. For example, create surveys or forums where your audience can participate.

And why not? You can also create contests and sweepstakes to attract and retain visitors. You just need something to offer. After the end date of the promotion, you should carefully analyze the reports to see if your action generated the desired results.

When you do something for the first time, you may not achieve all your goals, but a thorough analysis can give you ideas to adapt your strategy and try again.

10. Don’t work only with texts

In a world where we would need more than 24 hours per day to finish our tasks, people prefer to replace reading with something faster and more summarized. The solution to that was animated videos.

Therefore, you should not publish only texts; you could also create videos, for example, using an application such as YouTube or TikTok.

And it is no longer just about video. Podcasts are gaining a lot of momentum lately. In this case, you could record weekly episodes with information about relevant facts of the last seven days, as well as about the content you have published on your blog.

And not only that. Infographics also work very well on several channels. They adapt very well to the audience and you can explain a lot of content in just a few lines.

Adaptarte a la audiencia

11. Adapt your strategy to your audience

At this point, we are talking about neuromarketing. Yes, there is a science to that. The feedback that users will leave should not only serve to irritate you but, on the contrary, you should use this information to rebuild your blog and your corporate image.

That doesn’t mean losing your identity, but adapting to what the public wants to see without losing your style.

12. Invite other bloggers to collaborate with you

You should not only publish articles you wrote. If you want to expand your audience; you will have to demonstrate to your visitors that other bloggers are also collaborating with you.

The truth is that you should be attentive in choosing the person who will write for your blog. By this, I mean that if you manage a blog with information on food and cooking, you won’t invite anyone whose blog is about handicrafts to collaborate with you. Even if the other blogger has different ideas, as the niches have almost no direct relation, the content will probably not be relevant to your readers. Depending on the type of content published, you could end up losing rather than gaining in engagement.

Participa en grupos

13. Join groups

Sharing your content on social media platforms is one of the keys to success, as we explained, but many times your post can get lost in the “timeline” where new content is constantly being published.

Therefore, you should join some groups related to your niche to post and share your blog content. Perhaps you can find the audience you were looking for through groups that are created, or that you can create yourself, on social media networks such as Facebook or Linkedin.

14. Go to conferences

With the forced confinement because of the pandemic and homeworking, it seems that conferences have multiplied. But the best thing is that apps like Zoom have made them more accessible to everyone, even if you live in different corners of the planet.

It is an opportunity to attend one of these conferences, either as a speaker or to learn something new because you can talk about your project and your blog to people with similar interests.

De boca en boca

15. Word of mouth

And last but not least, word of mouth has always worked very well, since the days when there was no Internet or mobile communication.

You can take advantage of recommendations from your most personal circle, which can range from your family to your friends. Tell other people about your blog and invite them to visit you online and share your project with their friends. Little by little, as more people get to know you, this movement will generate a circle that will expand and attract more and more visitors.

Translated by Micheli.

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