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Is your email marketing campaign lucrative? Being one of the most profitable marketing channels with 160 million messages sent per second, the email is also the most economical medium, requiring a investment of up to 78% less than any other marketing strategy.

The ROI or return on investment is the measure that will allow you to know how profitable a marketing campaign is, taking into account the total investment made, including the initial campaign costs as well as the profits obtained with the campaign.

How to measure the ROI of an email marketing campaign?

The results obtained will help you to make decisions during the planning process, giving you the information needed to optimize your budget and the resources that you will use in your next newsletter.

Although the ROI may vary according to the goals you set in your business strategy, if it is negative or it is close to zero, you will know that something in your newsletter didn’t work as expected.

At first glance, measuring ROI in email marketing may not seem like much different compared to other strategies, regarding the calculation, however, this type of campaign has some peculiarities.

roi email markting

For more accurate results in an email marketing campaign, you should take into account:

  1. The number of emails sent
  2. The open rate
  3. The conversion rate
  4. The bounce rate

Tips to increase the ROI of your newsletter

Since we have already determined what it is and why it is vital to calculate the ROI of your marketing actions, it is time to know some tactics that can help you to improve the results of your next email marketing campaigns.

vídeo email marketing


Once your subscriber opens your email, your newsletter has just a few seconds to keep his interest in your content. It is at this time when you need to be as creative and innovative as possible.

The video is the content preferred by the internauts and is also an option that will help you increase your ROI by up to 50% (find out how to send a video by email).

The power of the video lies in the fact that it will be embedded in the body of the email, allowing it to play automatically when the email is opened, so your recipient doesn’t have to click on a link or image, capturing the attention of your subscriber from the first moment.

Avoid the SPAM folder.

Emails that arrive directly into the SPAM folder represent a waste of resources, as your open rate will be directly affected.

Some tips to avoid being blocked are:

  1. The creation of an email with 60% of text and 40% of video or images.
  2. Another way is to improve your sender score reputation as it is essential to avoid fraudulent actions. You should not create misleading content, and never forget to appropriately target your mailing list.

CTA or call to action:

To increase the response of your subscribers, it is important to test the design and location of your calls to action.

When creating a CTA, you should use words or phrases in the first person of the singular, that don’t exceed 140 characters and with flashy image and colors.

A video is the CTA that gets the best results, as you just read, there is now a platform called Viwom, which, in addition to embedding your video into a newsletter, also helps you to transform it into a CTA or, if you prefer, this system even would allow you to place the CTA under the video.

vídeo email marketing

Responsive design:

The number of users opening e-mails via smartphones and tablets has increased more than 73% in recent years, so by working with a design that is adaptable to any mobile device, you will be able to increase your conversion rate by up to 24%.

Subject line:

On average, a person could receive between 20 and 200 emails per day, which represents a significant challenge to capture the attention of the recipients, so they would open your email.

Instead of thinking of original phrases, you should consider creating short subject lines, which would create an emotional response from the subscriber, such as the fear of losing something: “last opportunity for you to enjoy X products.

We also recommend that you avoid excessive use of exclamation and the use of words like “Free” or “money,” because these are words that could trigger the antispam filters and your email could be blocked.

Test your email:

The advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to follow the process of evolution of the results in real time, which means that it is possible to check how your email will be received before sending the newsletter.

This way, you will be making sure that everything will work correctly, because you can review and make sure that the video or the images will be displayed correctly on any device, as well as the proper functioning of the CTA.

Take into account the best hour of the day and the best day of the week to send your email marketing campaign:

Deciding when you will send your email is crucial, as this could harm or benefit your open or conversion rates.

Studies done with several consumers have shown that people are more receptive in the mornings, managing to better process the information they receive, improving the conversion rate.

In turn, the best days to send a B2B campaign are Tuesday and Wednesday, when executives have already set the goals for the week work, while for B2C campaigns, the best days are usually Wednesdays and Thursdays

In short, to improve the ROI of an email marketing campaign, it is vital that you use the necessary tactics to help you to increase the rest of the metrics, such as the open rates and the conversion rates.

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