Demand Curve: Email Marketing Tactics That Convert Subscribers into Customers

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Every successful marketer will confirm that despite the growing array of digital communication channels and internet marketing strategies, mailing remains one of the most effective marketing tools. It is widely used in e commerce for direct sales, customer retention, and increasing the loyalty of existing clients. Email marketing is known for its high return on investment, and with nearly 4 billion active email users, it brings a huge potential audience that is interested in receiving newsletters.

Emailing requires a thorough approach. Everything is important here – from the time the letter is sent to the devices on which it can be opened. Some marketers believe mailing to be an art form including intricate plots, catchy headlines, and captivating insights. Therefore, this article explains how to create relevant trigger mailings in order to improve the key performance of email marketing.

Headline Is Essential

Even if you have an informative email with the most useful content, there is no point in sending it with a bad header. Use emotional words to provoke a reaction from subscribers, and think about employing informal style and adding emojis in order to be closer to the audience.

People get thousands of letters every day, so in order to make them open the message, a caption must be attractive and outstanding. Brevity, intrigue, originality – these are exactly what a client needs. People hate feeling left out. Therefore, phrases such as “limited supply” or “only for today” will help arouse curiosity.

Personalize the Emails

Personalizing means that using a client’s information (name, interests, important events) in the emails helps to stand out from the crowd of rivals. For example, Amazon makes 35% of all its sales through such personalized messages.

While personalizing, do not limit the message to a customer’s name. Instead, apply user segmentation by purchase date, geolocation, or product type, and send unique and individual content.

Do Not Neglect the Design

Proper design can replace the physical buying experience with something similar in the digital world. First of all, a person notices visual elements and only then chooses whether to continue reading the text. The structure of the letter, illustrations, formatting of text, colors, ease of reading on a smartphone – all these determine further recipient’s actions.

Photos, infographics, pictures are an integral part of email marketing design. Well-chosen images help to convey mood, emotions and set the style of writing. However, it is important to be careful with adding photos: the size of the images, the quality, and the quantity also make an impact.

Here is what to consider first:

  • Make sure all elements display properly in all browsers and all devices;
  • Do not overload the message visually – this increases the risk of getting flagged as spam;
  • Adapt the message for mobile interfaces.

Check and Proofread the Final Copy

Email newsletter content affects more than just readers. Emails with mistakes and inaccuracies are disliked by email providers and often sent to the spam category. Therefore, it is necessary to focus not only on the emotional component of the message but also on grammatical and punctuation correctness.

Assistance from a professional writer or editor is especially helpful in order to ensure the email is written brilliantly and does not raise any questions. There exist specialized services, such as Ivory Research, helping businesses proofread, rewrite the texts, or organize their ideas into a final message before sending it to the potential customers.

Additionally, it is useful to adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not write the text in capital letters (it makes the message less readable) and do not put several exclamation points in a row;
  • Avoid using words that can cause an email to be sent to spam, such as “subscribe”, “click below” or “order”.

Add s Call-To-Action (CTA) that No One Can Resist

The first glance at the CTA is essential, as it allows the recipient of the letter to understand exactly what the sender wants from him. Avoid allusions, long, unstructured writing, and vague formulations.

Here are some key secrets how to make a working CTA:

  • The call from the first person is more effective. In this case, people themselves choose what to do: “I participate”, “I want to order”, “Send me templates”.
  • Tell potential clients what benefits they will get from a product or service as specifically as possible.
  • Call-to-Action that highlights the advantages of a product/service gives better results.
  • Use the fear of missing something important. The idea of scarcity (limited editions of products, short-term promotions, temporary bonuses) accelerates the decision-making process.
  • Add numbers and guarantees to motivate a user to press a CTA button.
  • Subscribers who open the letter must first notice the call to action, so this element should stand out in the content of the message. Pay special attention to the details: use contrasting colors, stylish fonts, experiment with the shapes.
  • Do not overload the letter with many CTA. It unnecessarily distracts the attention of the users and prevents them from making a quick spontaneous purchase.

Think of Sending Congratulatory Messages and Letters of Gratitude

Email messages timed to the holidays give a unique opportunity to create a strong emotional connection with potential buyers. They help build trust, maintain loyalty, and increase engagement.

Creating a 12-month email calendar is useful in order to send messages on time and not to fall behind the competitors who might be faster. Add reminders to prepare advertising campaigns beforehand, and therefore important messages will be received by every recipient without delay.

In terms of email marketing, holiday greetings are crucial in ensuring retention – a critical stage in every customer’s lifecycle. Apart from that, it significantly enhances a brand image in the eyes of a buyer and increases the probability of further interaction.

Automatize Email Marketing Campaigns

It is not a secret that advertisements based on the personal features and behavioral characteristics of a user are the most effective and efficient. Why not employ email marketing automation tools and kill two birds with one stone? It allows companies to save time and effort as well as send personalized messages to thousands of subscribers in a split second and schedule letters several weeks in advance.

Trigger letters are successfully employed to provide additional traffic, return people to the sites they have previously visited, motivate them to buy, and remind them of existing offers.

Choose the Best Time to Send Emails

There is no doubt that choosing the right time is one of the most important parts of any email marketing campaign because it increases the likelihood of opening a message. Studies show that the best day to send emails is Tuesday while the most efficient time for that is from 20.00 to 24.00. This period shows both the highest conversion rate and the highest sales rate.

Nevertheless, each marketing campaign has its peculiarities, so it is important to test different sending times independently to determine the most effective time intervals for subscribers. If the messages are received when there are no other emails, the attention will be captivated and open/click rates increased.

Provide Subscribers with Free Products

Everyone loves to get something for nothing. Providing a free trial or demo-versions does not bankrupt the business, but can easily convert subscribers into customers. Small periodical gifts increase the rate of openings and conversions.

Apart from that, it is necessary to reward loyal customers. These people help businesses grow and generate UGC by sharing good reviews about products. Work on retaining and rewarding these clients because it will be more difficult and time-consuming to attract new customers.

Reactivate Passive Subscribers

Before sending an array of messages to passive users, try to investigate the issue and find out what made them cease to interact with a brand. They may lose interest in the product, no longer need the services provided, or simply forget about the brand.

Nevertheless, it is possible to return them with a reactivation email. Offer subscribers something useful (exclusive proposition or discount) to make it difficult for them to simply say goodbye. Furthermore, remember that it is better to send fewer emails but regularly because consistency and regularity are key components of email marketing success.


Email marketing is not an outdated strategy as many pseudo-experts tend to say. It is one of the most effective marketing tools that can boost income to unprecedented levels. Flexibility, quick adaptation, cost minimization – these are the major features of this method. Knowing and employment of the actual email marketing tactics is an indispensable skill to bypass competitors and attract new customers.


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