How to succeed sending B2B email marketing campaigns?

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How to send advanced email marketing from business to business? You will need a different approach, it is not the same strategy you could use when sending campaigns for end customers.

Well, in my opinion, many of the strategies we’ve seen in Previous articles can be easily adapted to B2B email marketing.

But in this article we will discuss a little about it, and if you can, please leave your comments at the end, about your ideas, it would be great.

Imagine yourself in the position of a supplier and its customers actually are companies that market their products to the end user.

The concept and approach will be slightly different, as the needs of the buyer will be different.

For example, if we talk about security cameras, alarms, etc. The end customer may be interested in the security of his home or work place.

But the intermediate trader will have other needs. Surely he wants to provide security for the end customer, but other factors will also be considered, as the quality of material, warranty, profit margin, among others.

You cannot send them a newsletter that says:

Think about the safety of the people you love!

It wouldn’t make sense.

The needs are different.

The advanced email marketing strategy will be different, directed to a different type of customer.

Approach to advanced email marketing

In many cases, the user didn’t register via opt-in form to receive the newsletters, but he is a customer and that is why he is getting the emails.

1) Getting new subscribers

As explained, existing customers may receive newsletters, but how to capture new subscribers, even before they become customers themselves? Sure, why not? You could create a landing page explaining the advantages of being a seller of your products, Furthermore, the visitors could subscribe to download a PDF with your product catalog.

Although the catalog could be available in web format, you could offer the option of downloading it in PDF, as it is very comfortable for the user, because he can open the file in any computer, print it to read comfortably, etc.

It is a way to get new subscribers, in addition to customers.

2) Frequency of campaigns

Here, as in other advanced email marketing campaigns, it will depend on many factors, and it will be important to test, to see what works best.

In any case, it is better to send more messages than send only occasionally, to prevent the user from forgetting your brand or company.

3) Autoresponders

Although this article explains how to work with advanced email marketing from companies to companies, The use of autoresponders can also be a key factor.

For subscribers who are not yet customers, you could do what we explained before, send a first email with the PDF catalog.

The next step will be to establish a strategy with several emails, to offer them training, help or other important information.

It might be a good idea to offer a discount on the first order, so that  the customer will know your products or services.

The goal is to establish a communication channel, and make clear that you are not just selling, but in case of any doubt, your company will be prepared to help.

4) Newsletters and content

If they are already customers, you need to send them a newsletter periodically, so they don’t forget your company.

What is the best advanced email marketing strategy  for such clients?

As they are companies themselves, they are often interested in information about products that will allow them to create their own campaigns.

So if for example your company has a new line of products, instead of sending a PDF with the complete list of products, you could send multiple newsletters to present each new product.

Maybe you could even include some video.

Another option is to send specific offers, discounts, products on sale, etc.

5) Mutual Support

Each newsletter is an opportunity to get in touch with these companies to sell your products.

If they sell more, you will grow.

For them to sell your products, instead of products from other  brands, these customers should know that they can count on you, in case of doubt, or if they have problems with the products.

Therefore, the contact forms must be clear in each newsletter, as well as your willingness to help.

A simple sentence in each newsletter:

“Remember that we will take all your questions by replying to this email, or over the phone…”

6) Success Stories

Other content that could work in advanced email marketing would be to use success stories in collaboration with your customers.

You could tell the story of a company which already is working with you for several years, how they managed to increase their profit margin or number of clients Thanks to working with your products.

You can also publish the cases of customers which are happy with your products so that retailers see that your products have a good acceptance.

This type of content can open many doors because companies can see that your products will increase their own sales.

7) Guides, FAQs and help in advertising

It is also important not to forget that to work with advanced email marketing, it will be necessary to send usefull newsletters.

For example, answering frequently asked questions, perhaps including quick tips that might be helpful, tutorials, etc.

In addition to small guides to advertise your products, because you know your products better than anyone, and thus can helpcompanies to sell them. Emphasizing its advantages, performance and useful features.

In short

This is an advanced email marketing strategy with two main points, first, you must manage to get new customers, and secondly help them sell more.

If they are selling, it will best for your own company.

Of course, your advanced email marketing strategy should be broad, always testing different options.

With it, you can change any step if necessary, to improve your results.

We hope you have enjoyed this article.

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