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Email deliverability

A fundamental concept in the world of email marketing

Email deliverability is a key concept in the world of digital marketing, especially with regard to email marketing.

It refers to the path that an email travels after being sent by the sender server until it reaches the subscriber inbox, or being blocked by the destination filters.

This process involves several factors, such as sender reputation, email authentication and content quality.

All of these elements, among others, determine if the email will reach the planned destination.

Relevant historical data

The history of emails is intertwined with the development of email as a communication and marketing tool.

Since the early days of email in the 1970s, its popularity as a means of communication has increased.

With the growth of email marketing in the 1990s, the need to ensure that emails arrived at their destination became more evident.

In the early years, the lack of advanced spam filters meant that almost all emails arrived at the inbox.

However, with the increase in spam, email service providers started to implement more sophisticated systems to filter unwanted emails.

This has led to the need for more refined strategies to deliver emails.

Key considerations

To ensure a high delivery rate, it is crucial to pay attention to various aspects:

Why it is important, advantages

Therefore, email deliverability is crucial for several reasons.

First, it ensures that your effort and resources invested in email marketing campaigns are not wasted.

When emails actually reach the inbox, the chances of interaction and conversion increase significantly.

In addition, a high delivery rate protects brand reputation as it prevents emails from being considered as spam.


In short, email delivery is an essential pillar for any email marketing strategy.

As technology and spam filtering tactics evolve, our understanding and focus on email deliverability should also do so.

By focusing on:

  • Sender score reputation
  • Email authentication
  • Content quality
  • And Effective Email List Management

Companies can ensure that their messages not only reach their destination, but also reach the desired impact.

Finally, a well-executed email strategy not only improves the performance of email marketing campaigns, but also significantly contributes to the overall success of digital marketing initiatives.